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Aligners vs. Traditional Braces: Finding the Best Fit for Your Smile

You may be wondering whether to go for aligners or the traditional braces in case you are thinking of orthodontic treatment.

We would like to give you realistic expectations because it would depend on your particular dental needs and your orthodontistʼs advice as to which is the most suitable choice.

Nonetheless, we can help you through these alternatives by highlighting pros and cons of each option, so that it becomes easy for you to make an informed choice in regard to your smile.

What are aligners?

Have you ever asked yourself how so many celebrities seem to suddenly have perfect sets of teeth without ever putting braces on? Often the answer lies in aligners. This form of modern orthodontics uses transparent removable aligners over time to reposition teeth. Those who are beauty conscious will find these aligners virtually invisible during treatment.

Among those who have gone public about using aligners for their dental makeovers include Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Britney Spears and even the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. Their choice demonstrates how effective and non- intrusive this option is. Here is everything you need to know concerning aligners:


Benefits of aligners

It doesnʼt show. This means that even when you are laughing, you can go ahead and smile confidently.

You can remove it for short periods while eating or cleaning your teeth.

No need to spend time on appointments; your new sets of aligners will be delivered directly to your home.

You can eat anything you want; there are no dietary restrictions.


Drawbacks of aligners

And yes Your commitment matters! Without your consistent application of the aligners as directed, the Invisalign process is useless.

Depending on the complexity of the treatment, aligners may be more expensive than traditional braces. It might not be the best option if you have complex dental problems.


Traditional Braces 101

Old fashioned braces work better for intense misalignment or complicated teeth movement.

You only need to be able to stick them on your teeth so you do not need discipline.


The Cons of Traditional Braces

Aesthetics: Metal braces are too conspicuous, sometimes can be bothersome especially for adults.

Discomfort: The braces and wires may cause irritations on the inner side of your mouth and also, adjusting might be painful.

Diet Restrictions: Some foods like hard, sticky or chewy ones should be avoided since they can destroy the braces.

Oral Hygiene Extra Care: The importance of having a good hygiene itʼs to have extra care when brushing and flossing around your braces and wires to avoid any chance of building plaque and possible cavities.


Deciding Whatʼs the Best Option for You

Choosing between aligners and braces relies on several aspects. In some cases, traditional braces may be more effective for serious orthodontic problems whereas for those with active lifestyles, aligners offer convenience and discretion. Traditional braces are generally more affordable than any other option; besides some people would prefer to wear a fixed device that does not require frequent removal.

We would love to discuss your treatment options. Weʼll put together a custom plan: we take into account your personal dental needs as well as lifestyle choices and budget expectations. Call us now to set up an appointment so that we can help you smile with confidence!


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