Your Orthodontic Dream Team

At Orthodontics Only in Miami, making patients happy makes us happy.  Every member of the care team is extremely welcoming, happy and service minded.  If you frown, we’re going to do everything in our power to turn that frown upside down.

Our “dream team” loves what they do, so much so that we still have our original seven employees have been with Orthodontics Only in Miami for over 20 years.  Although we take our work very seriously and extend the utmost in professionalism, we also know how to have fun and we are going to make sure you have some fun while you are with us.

The orthodontic assistants, who help Dr. Sanders, are all “Certified Orthodontic Assistants.”  This means they have all completed specialized training in orthodontic assisting and have passed grueling examinations.

Dr. Sanders and his Miami team are constantly learning the about latest materials, technology and techniques so they can offer you the best orthodontics has to offer today.  If you are curious about your treatment, orthodontic technology, or other aspects of your experience, please ask questions.  Part of our job is keeping you well informed, empowered with information, comfortable with your treatment and motivated to “stay the course” so you can meet your objectives of an attractive, smoothly functional and healthy mouth.

If you have any questions or concerns, the entire team will be happy to assist you in securing the answers you need.  Simply speak to us at your scheduled appointment or call the practice front desk with your questions and concerns.

Cristina | Office Manager Barbie | Treatment Coordinator

Yanay | Practice Relations Coordinator


Jessy | Insurance Coordinator



Mahi | Patient Coordinator



Janezka | Scheduling Coordinator


Rachel | Patient Coordinator


Yily | Patient Coordinator


Maria | Patient Coordinator


Sarah | Patient Coordinator


Nicole | Records Coordinator


Lily | Clinic Coordinator


Laura | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Eduardo | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Leidy | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Mey | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Wanda | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Ampi | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Yanet | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Lucy | Certified Orthodontic Assistant


Ade | Laboratory Coordinator Yitze | Sterilization Coordinator