Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Treatment

Most parents in Miami decide to seek orthodontic treatment for their child between the ages of 11 and 15. This coincides well with adolescents since most teenagers want to be finished with their braces by the time high school starts. Even though orthodontic treatment times vary in length, if treatment is started at an appropriate time, most teenagers can complete treatment in time for high school. Some cases may require a two-phase approach depending on the severity of the bite and that is why the American Association of Orthodontists still recommends that children starting at age of 7 should be evaluated by an orthodontist.

Biological Timing for Braces

By age 12, most permanent teeth should be erupted and it’s at this time that crooked teeth, gaps and bad bites can be most noticeable. These problems don’t correct themselves and it’s likely your family dentist has encouraged you to have your child evaluated by an orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment completed in the early teenage years tends to be more stable since the bone and surrounding tissues are not fully mature. Treatment times are also significantly less during the teenage years than compared with adult orthodontic treatment due to the changing rates of metabolism.

Social Timing for Braces

The teen years are full of physical, emotional and social development. By the time a child is well into those years, the desire to look attractive may be so strong, in fact, that a teenagers willingness to smile may be impacted by the appearance of their teeth.

Many young people undergoing orthodontic treatment during their teen years realize that wearing braces is easily accepted at that time and they may actually fit-in with friends and classmates who also have braces. In fact, we have completed many school presentations in the Miami area where the majority of students are wearing braces. If your child has visibly crooked teeth or gaps, they are likely to hear the question, “When are you getting your braces?”.

What to Expect

During your free initial consultation at our Miami office, Dr. Derek Sanders and Dr. Giselle Cabrera will examine your child’s mouth and assess problems that can be treated with orthodontics or dentofacial orthopedics. Our doctors will spend time talking with you about your child’s dental development and review any problematic areas in order to discuss what is possible to correct through orthodontics. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss your personal goals for achieving optimally functional teeth and a pleasing esthetic smile. At this first visit, our treatment coordinator will also meet with you to discuss financing options should you decide to proceed with orthodontic treatment.

If you think you are ready to proceed with treatment immediately, we may take impressions of your son’s or daughter’s teeth. Otherwise, we will make a second appointment for this purpose when you decide your child will become our patient. The diagnostic records needed to make an accurate orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan include radiographs (x-rays), photographs of the teeth and face, and study models of the teeth. Dr. D and Dr. G will study these records, along with the results of the clinical examination that he conducts at the first appointment, before developing a treatment plan for your child’s special circumstances.

One of our doctors will then meet with you to go over the treatment plan, prior to starting on a course of treatment. If a variety of types of procedures or technology are possible for your son or daughter, Dr. Sanders or Dr. Cabrera will present your options and assist you in making the decisions that are most appropriate for the circumstances.

Today, there are several types braces and some are more appropriate than others for a different circumstances. For example, your child may require traditional braces, a special appliance or even Invisalign Teen. Please read about different types of braces and about Invisalign to learn more about both treatment modalities.

Free Consultation for Braces in Miami, FL

Call our office to schedule a FREE orthodontic examination with Dr. Sanders and Dr. Cabrera so that we can determine the optimal timing for treatment and outline the treatment plan, the estimated treatment duration and the approximate cost. We look forward to seeing you!