Actual Patient of Dr. Sanders

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment in Miami FL
Dr. Sanders and his team strive to provide all of our patient families with the highest quality orthodontic treatment at an affordable price. We will do everything in our ability to help you.


Cost of Orthodontic Treatment
The fee for orthodontic treatment is based upon the severity of your circumstances, the technology elected, and the number of office visits it is likely to take in order to complete your treatment.  If the patient is a child who will receive Phase I treatment during childhood and then Phase II treatment later in adolescence, the treatment fee for each phase will be quoted separately due to the unique requirements of each phase.  Dr. Sanders will study your records and discuss treatment options with you before determining the fee, which will be based on your treatment decisions.

The quoted fee is a fixed fee that covers the following items:

  • All diagnostic records including x-rays, photographs, study models and a personalized growth study work up.
  • All appliances, including dentofacial orthopedic appliances for Phase I patients and braces or Invisalign for comprehensive orthodontic treatment.
  • All office visits
  • All emergency visits
  • All procedures performed in the office
  • One set of  final retainers
  • All retention visits for one year

Appliances are durable and should last through the entire treatment period if the patient follows instructions.  If appliances require replacement due to loss, breakage, misuse or failure to eliminate foods that cause damage, we reserve the right to charge an additional replacement fee.

The first set of retainers is free.  If this set is lost or broken, a replacement fee will be charged.  There is a replacement fee for each additional retainer that is lost or broken.

Our treatment fee does not include services performed by your dentist or other dental specialists outside of our orthodontic practice.  If an accident or injury occurs while you are receiving orthodontic treatment that results in complications that require prolonged orthodontic treatment, surgery or other midcourse treatment, the additional time and/or course of treatment is not covered in the original treatment fee.


Dental Insurance
Our orthodontic office accepts all PPO dental insurance plans.  We accept assignment of benefits from all PPO insurance plans and we will be happy to file claims on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about the payment.  Of course, if you have an insurance plan that covers orthodontics, we will need to know immediately if there are any changes in that plan during your course of treatment with us.


Financing Options
During your initial complementary consultation, we will review all financing options and we are proud to offer a variety of payment plans to meet the needs of most families.  For example, Dr. Sanders offers a discount for payment in full and offers a family discount when more than one family member is receiving orthodontic treatment.  We are also proud to offer 0% interest financing with low monthly payments and a low down payment.  For your convenience, we also offer automatic draft from checking accounts or credit cards.

It is our goal to make your treatment affordable and we are here to help you.