On April 15th, 2013 Google Glass was made available to “Glass Explorers”. In the pioneer days of Google Glass, explorers had to submit a unique and quirky respond to the hashtag #ifihadglass in order to become one of the first Google Glass Explorers. These hashtags went viral on Google+ and Twitter with thousands hoping to be the first to experience Google Glass. The first batch of explorers was very limited as the product was being beta tested. The Glass Explorers were asked to take their Google Glasses on real world experiences and report back with their findings.

Brian Gundersen, an initial Google Glass Explorer, brought his glasses to Raleigh, North Carolina to try out Google Glass in one of the tech centers of the East Coast. Check out this YouTube video to see how eye doctor Isaac Porter analyzed the vision field of Google Glass. You can find other Google Glass videos by Brian Gundersen here and here. As you can see, Google Glass changes the perspective of those that have been unable to visualize a certain experience. What is interesting is how this will be used in the medical industry moving forward.


Each and every year the orthodontics industry advances at a quick rate. As a lifetime learner, I try to stay up to date on all the goings on in the industry. I like to think of myself as a pioneer in that I read up and test some of the newest pieces of technology. Please note that I would never bring these pieces of technology or equipment into my practice until they have been verified by the proper boards. The health and well being of all my patients is extremely important. There is never a moment in which they should be put in harm’s way. This is the exact reason testing and Google Glass may become very important in the orthodontics industry.

Unfortunately, not all orthodontists have the time or resources to go to conferences and educational sessions. There is just not enough time in the week to run a successful orthodontics practice and go to the conferences that are available throughout the United States and abroad. I would love nothing more than to spend time learning from professionals that are smarter than myself. If that were the case I would never be in Miami to assist my patients in improving their smile.

Now that Google Glass has been made available to the public it is much easier for medical professionals to record videos and share them with the world. Google has made it extremely easy to upload Google Glass videos to YouTube. It is also possible to share Google Glass videos with specific contacts in Gmail or on Google+. Rather than having to download an .mp4 file and upload it the Google Glass software allows any user to easily upload to YouTube and share with friends, family or colleagues.

As this type of technology advances there is no reason orthodontists should not share videos to help improve skills and knowledge. Almost all orthodontists have access to the Internet and a computer. With YouTube and Google Glass, watching an educational, hands on video is as simple as signing into one’s email and clicking a YouTube link. With the Google Glass technology becoming more affordable with every passing season it will be interesting to watch the developments with medicine, education and technology.

Please return to our blog to get more information on Google Glass in the orthodontics industry as it becomes available.

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