What Exactly is the Invisalign Diet?

Before assuming you have to completely change your diet in 2020 if you plan on getting Invisalign, please read the article below.

Slipping in a set of Invisalign mouthpieces might do more for you than straighten your teeth; just ask the many Invisalign users who have found themselves on what they call the “Invisalign Diet.” For more on Invisalign in Miami please click the link.

Don’t worry: there’s no meal plan required of those who take part in the Invisalign program. The idea actually stems from the fact that Invisalign wearers have to keep their aligners in for around 20 hours each day. For some, this means that they have to plan out meal times so that their aligners are only out for, say, 30 minutes at a time, four times a day. Meals scheduled at regular intervals can help keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day. That is certainly one reason why some Invisalign users see a change in their bodies once they start wearing the trays.

There are plenty of anecdotes from Invisalign wearers who have adopted healthy habits thanks to the scheduling that their aligners require, too. Because you have to take your aligners out and brush your teeth after eating, some people cut out mindless snacking. Others drink less soda or other sugary, colored beverages, as anything with pigment could discolor the trays.

Speaking of liquids, the Invisalign Diet seems to affect wearers’ water intake as well. The trays tend to make mouths feel a bit dry with regular use, which is why some people find themselves hydrating more than ever once they’re on the Invisalign system. A straw makes it possible to drink without messing up your aligners, too; although even healthy beverages like coffee can still stain your trays, clear or light-colored drinks should be okay to drink while you’re wearing aligners.

And, while it’s not necessarily part of a diet, your Invisalign system might also help you improve your oral hygiene. Most people brush their teeth twice daily: once in the morning, and once at night. Meanwhile, dental professionals suggest that brushing after each meal is best for your teeth so that lingering sugars and other unsavory food particles don’t linger and cause damage. The Invisalign system requires that you follow your dentist’s wishes and brush every time that you finish eating in order to keep both teeth and trays as clean as possible. For some wearers, this is a benefit in and of itself: they get to go visit the dentist and walk out with a post-check-up thumbs up for keeping their teeth in pristine condition!