Can you guess which one of us will be the biggest loser???

For March’s iPad contest we will all be going on a diet! We want you to guess how much weight we will loose as a group to the nearest hundredth (EXAMPLE: 50.6 lb.). Whoever guesses the closest will be the winner! In the event of a tie we will have a drawing for the winner.

1. Enter your guess as a comment below

2. Answer the three part question (How much weight lost as a group to the nearest hundredth)

*Contest will close on March 31st, 2012 at 12:00AM*

Remember: To enter the contest and be eligible to win the iPad you must

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-Be an active patient in braces

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  1. LULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE TOLD ME ABOUT IT AND IM VITING FOR HER!!!!!!!!

  2. cumulative weight loss is 33.5
    (submission on behalf of ANA & JEYSSON MAIRENA)

  3. Typical weekly weight loss on a reasonable 1200 calorie daily diet plus some exercise = 1.5 lb
    Everyone on the team is an exceptional professional, so I’m sure each of you will make this target.
    So, 9 people X 1.5 lb/week X 4 weeks = 54.0 lbs!

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