A recent study by Gillian R. Kelly, Bhavna Shroff, Al M. Best, Eser Tufekci, and Steven J. Lindauer showed that parents have a strong opinion when it comes to the attire and dress of an orthodontist. Many parents will accompany their children to the first appointment to help their children feel at ease and get a better understanding of the environment in which their children will be exposed to over the course of the next nine months to several years. The aforementioned study included 77 parents across the United States.

One of the key findings was that parents strongly preferred professional attire for their physician. This attire includes a shirt and tie and tailored trousers for men and a skirt for women with a blouse or button up shirt for women. 76% of patients favored this type of  dress along with a white coat while only 10% favored scrubs followed by business dress (9%) and causal dress (<5%). Physicians that appeared well dressed were considered more trustworthy, competent, reliable and knowledgeable.

While these findings are not out of left field it is something Orthodontics Only deems to be very important. As the orthodontist of my practice I wear a shirt and tie, tailored slacks and a white coat with my name tag clearly visible. I want to instill confidence in any parent or child that walks in the door. Going to the dentist or orthodontist often has a negative connotation with children so it is our job to make it one of the most enjoyable experiences possible. As a staff, we hope to bring a smile to the faces of all our patients and their parents.


The parents that participated in the study by Gillian R. Kelly, Bhavna Shroff, Al M. Best, Eser Tufekci, and Steven J. Lindauer ranged in income from $25,000 to greater than $125,000. 81% were women from varying age groups but the majority were between the ages of 41 and 45 years. 58% were white, 32% African American and 13% Hispanic. Of those participating in the study, 67% had some college education or more.

It is nice to read the wide variety of individuals that were chosen for this study. At Orthodontics Only we enjoy helping those of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. When entering our office or calling our phone number you can be rest assured we will treat you with the utmost respect. We do not discriminate based on age, race or sex.

One final note that was very interesting to our staff was the preference for hair style. The study showed that parents preferred physicians with controlled hair. For female orthodontists this meant putting their hair in a net and for men it meant clean shaven and/or without facial hair. A preference for visible name tags was also evident. The top six rated photos chosen by parents in this particular study were all physicians that had a clearly visible name tag. All members of our staff have a name tag that is visible to anyone that walks in the door. We want you to know our names in case you have any questions or concerns. We also enjoy building lasting relationships with all our clients which starts with getting to know each other’s names.

In another study it was shown that parents of patients often did not consider the attire of the physician. That same study showed that those that did choose a physician based on attire preferred a white coat (76%). Several studies have shown that wearing formal attires which includes a tie for men, a white coat and having a clearly visible name tag is desirable for parents that are choosing a physician. Not surprisingly, facial jewelry, visual tattoos, nontraditional hairstyles and untrimmed facial hair on men were characteristics that reduced the trust and likelihood of a parent choosing a physician to work on the teeth of their children.

If you have a preference when it comes to attire or dress of a physician please feel free to let us know. We would love to get your opinion. You can contact us at (305)598-3384 and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can make the visit to our practice much more enjoyable for you or your children.

During different times of the year the staff and I will dress up for events. When the Miami Heat were in the NBA Finals we all dressed up in our Heat gear. While it was a fun event we did our best to keep it professional with dress pants and tucked in shirts. With 2014 being the year of the World Cup we decided to join in on the fun and deck out in World Cup gear. Below are some of the images taken during pool play of the World Cup in mid to late June 2014:







As more events occur we will do our best to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for our staff and customers. We hope you get in on the fun and wear your World Cup gear when you come to visit Orthodontics Only during the summer of 2014. As other popular events approach we will announce our change of attire on this particular blog post.