Dr. Sanders recommends the following products for every patient in orthodontic treatment:



Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush

Using a power toothbrush will reduce the chances of cavities and white spot lesions during orthodontic treatment.


-More efficient than a manual toothbrush

-Improves the health of gums by reversing gingivitis

-As gentle on teeth and gums as a soft manual toothbrush

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WaterPik Water Flosser 

A WaterPik is 2x more effective as floss for improving gum health.


-Significantly more effective than floss for patients in braces

-Reduces gingivitis

-Removes bacteria feel between teeth and below the gum line

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Phos-Flur Anti-Cavity Flouride 

Phos-Flur tastes great and delivers strong fluoride protection.


-Prescription-strength fluoride protects teeth while wearing orthodontic appliances

-Helps stop white sports forming on teeth

-Contains over four times the fluoride of over-the-counter products

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 ClinPro 5000 Flouride Toothpaste

ClinPro 5000 flouride anti-cavity toothpaste is prescription toothpaste that delivers more fluoride, helps strengthen enamel and repairs early lesion white spots better than any other toothpaste.


-Strengthens teeth better than leading brands

-Delivers more fluoride to the tooth than other tested leading brands

-Contains an innovative calcium and phosphate ingredient

***This product is by prescription only. Available for purchase in our office.***

About the Author: Derek Sanders is an Orthodontist at Orthodontics Only in Miami, FL. He has numerous publications and has lectured extensively on topics including braces and Invisalign. Dr. Sanders teaches at the University of Miami and is on the Craniofacial Team at Miami Children's Hospital. He has a blog and can also be found on Google+. See more articles by Derek Sanders.

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