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Advances in techniques and materials have led to a rapid increase in adult orthodontics in Miami.  In fact, approximately one in four of our patients are adults.  Dr. Sanders has treated individuals in their 50s, 60s and even 70s.  Esthetic orthodontic appliances like Invisalign and lingual braces have increased the number of adults who want to straighten their teeth and improve the appearance of their smiles.


Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

The benefits of orthodontic treatment for adults are very similar to those experienced by teenage patients, including:

  •   Giving adults more esthetically pleasing smiles
  •   Correcting relapse of earlier orthodontic treatment
  •   Closing gaps or spacing between teeth
  •   Allowing for improved function and ability to chew foods
  •   Improvement in oral hygiene by eliminating areas for plaque to accumulate.
  •   Decreasing tooth wear caused by grinding or a misaligned bite


Why Adult Orthodontics?

Our adult patients seek treatment for a variety of reasons, such as wanting a more professional image, improving self-esteem and improving the function of the teeth and jaw.

Some of our patients never had the opportunity for orthodontic treatment as children and are now seeking it for the first time.  Other patients wore braces as teenagers, but have experienced relapse due to improper wear of retainers.  A third group of adult orthodontic patients have previously uncorrectable problems, which are now treatable, thanks to the technological advances in orthodontic care.


Appearance of Braces for Adults

Adult patients are often pleasantly surprised that the advances in modern orthodontic treatment make wearing braces much more comfortable than when they were children.  Todays orthodontic appliances are smaller, more discreet, cause less discomfort and produce better results in a shorter time.

One of the largest reasons why adults are more than 25% of orthodontic patients is due to the availability of esthetic treatment options like Invisalign, lingual braces and clear braces.  A large number of our Miami patients are adults who are very concerned with maintaining their professional image while undergoing orthodontic treatment.  All three of our esthetic options are virtually invisible, giving adults the freedom to straighten their teeth without anyone knowing.



Dr. Sanders is one of Miami’s Invisalign expertsInvisalign uses state of the art 3D imaging to create a series of custom removable aligners which gradually move the teeth to their optimal position.  Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear, and treatment times range from 6 to 18 months.

It is highly recommended that adults seek the opinion of a board certified orthodontist to determine if Invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment option for their individual circumstances.  A board certified orthodontist has the education and experience to be able to determine if removable aligners would be able to achieve all of the controlled tooth movements in any particular case.  If Invisalign won’t be able to provide the result needed, other orthodontic methods can be used solely or in combination with removable aligners with predictable results.  The first step is to have a comprehensive diagnostic examination and discuss what is optimal for a patients individual circumstances.  Clear sapphire brackets and wires are a new option today, as well as lingual braces placed on the tongue surface of teeth.


Clear Braces (Ceramic or Sapphire)

Dr. Sanders recommends sapphire or ceramic braces for his adult patients who have more severe problems.  Clear ceramic braces can be an appropriate treatment option for patients who are not good candidates for Invisalign.  Because they are nearly invisible, ceramic braces are an excellent alternative to standard metal braces for image conscious adults.    Treatment times with clear braces are the exact same as with traditional braces and can be used to treat any type of malocclusion.


Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a great treatment option for patients in Miami that do not want to worry about wearing removable aligners and that don’t like the look of traditional braces.  Lingual braces are appliances that are placed on the tongue surface of teeth and are completely invisible to people looking from the outside.

There are two types of lingual brackets that we use in our practice.  The first system is completely customizable and includes custom brackets and wires that are fabricated for each patient.  This system is called Harmony and it can be used to treat most types of malocclusions (bad bites).  The other option for lingual braces is called 2D Lingual Brackets and this system is used for minor tooth alignment.  Treatment times with Harmony take between 12-24 months due to the wide range of cases that can be treated.  Treatment time with our 2D lingual bracket system can take between 3-9 months since it is only used for minor cases.


Free Consultation for Adults in Miami

Dr. Sanders offers free initial consultations to new Miami patients, as well as interest-free financing, with affordable down payments and low monthly payments.  Patients seeking Miami adult orthodontics can contact Dr. Sanders at his modern office for a free consultation by calling (305) 598-3384.

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