Dr. Sanders might have told you that your orthodontic treatment will have to include a Nance Holding Arch. And, while you’re certainly familiar with braces, this “contraption” might not be part of your orthodontic knowledge.

The Nance Holding Arch gets its name from the shape that’s created by a wire that connects two bands placed around the back teeth in your mouth. They meet in the middle around an acrylic button that’s placed on the bottom of your mouth. The arch might be hard to see, though, as it’ll be either on the top or bottom of your mouth.

There are many reasons why Dr. Sanders might suggest that you have a Nance Holding Arch as part of your orthodontic treatment. Perhaps you have lost your baby teeth a bit too early. In that case, a Nance Holding Arch will ensure that your molars don’t move forward before your new teeth come in. The Arch is also used in support of other hardware, such as a Spring Jet Appliance. This equipment pushes your teeth back, and the Nance Holding Arch provides a bit of extra support in this process.

Your Nance Holding Arch might also be used to manipulate the position of your molars, should Dr. Sanders see a problem with the way they’re situated. In fact, this appliance rotates the position of teeth so that you have a better bite pattern. This means your teeth work together properly, too.

After Dr. Sanders applies the Nance Holding Arch to your orthodontic system, it’s important that you take care of it in order to avoid damage or complete replacement. The band’s placement is important, and each piece of it is vital to the function of the appliance. That’s why you can’t eat any sticky candy or gum or anything else that might loosen the wire or bands or cause parts to move out of alignment.

It’s also important that you clean your Nance Holding Arch just as meticulously as you clean your braces. A simple rinse with water after meals will help loosen and remove any lingering food. You should also brush and floss the entire appliance with extra care to ensure it stays as clean as possible. This is especially true for the acrylic button.

You won’t have any trouble talking with your Nance Holding Arch in, and Dr. Sanders’ expert hand at installing the appliance will most likely leave you without much discomfort. Just maintain your end of the bargain by cleaning your Nance Holding Arch and you’ll soon be smiling with evenly spaced, straight teeth.

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