Known as a leading Olympic and World Champion boxer, Muhammad Ali was admired by many individuals throughout the world. After a 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, he recently passed away at the age of 74.

While his fight with Parkinson’s disease is well known, his struggle with cavities and tooth decay has rarely been discussed. In 1976, a children’s album titled “The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay” featuring Ali’s vocal talents and Frank Sinatra was released. The album combined narration and music to emphasize the importance of children keeping their teeth healthy.

Throughout his journey to defeat Mr. Tooth Decay, Ali and his gang educate children about the dangers of sweets. He states that while he may “sting like a bee, he holds no love for honey.” Ali and his gang come across Ol’ Blue Eyes who is played by Frank Sinatra and tries to convince children to indulge in ice cream. Ol’ Blue Eyes tells Ali, “Whaddaya mean, you gonna deny these kids ice cream on a hot day like this? Hey man, that’s like taking candy from a baby.”

Brother St. John, a former dentist who has decided to move to the country to grow organic food and help children improve their oral hygiene makes an appearance as well. The journey ends with a boxing match between Mr. Tooth Decay and Ali and a commercial for flossing and fluoride. Catchy slogans from Ali such as “the family that brushes together stays together,” reinforce the idea that practicing good oral hygiene should be a top priority for children.

In addition to receiving a stamp of approval from the American Dental Association, “The Adventures of Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay,” was nominated for a Grammy award in the category titled “Best Recording for Children.”

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