When it comes to orthodontic treatment many potential patients want to see photos of the process. Below you will find photos of scans for appliances such as expanders and holding arches. If you have any further questions as it relates to braces or Invisalign feel free to reach out to us at 305-598-3384. At Orthodontics Only in Miami we scan for:

miami-rapid-palatel-expander-scan  scanning-for-retainer-miami orthodontist-miami-retainer-scan-2 retainers-in-miami best-miami-orthodontist-retainer retainer-scan-miami-orthodontist miami-orthodontist-retainer-scan miami-orthodontist-nance-holding-arch-help miami-nance-holding-arch-scan nance-holding-arch-appliance-scan orthodontist-miami-appliance-scan miami-orthodontist-appliance-scan miami-orthodontist-herbst-appliance-scan herbst-appliance-scan-miami

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