The holiday season is here and once again it’s time to guess what’s inside of santa’s bag!!! 

There are six items inside of santa’s bag and the lucky patient who guesses all six items correctly will win everything inside the bag!!! Each answer should be as specific and detailed as possible in order to win. In case of a tie, there will be a drawing to choose the winner.

The Questions are: 

1. Dr. D’s favorite brand of chocolate?

2. Dr. D’s favorite toy as a kid?

3. Dr. D’s all time favorite gadget?

4. Dr. D’s favorite coffee drink? (BE SPECIFIC!!)

5. Dr. D’s favorite frozen yogurt flavor and toppings?

6. Dr. D’s favorite classic board game?

How to enter:

Include your first and last name in the comment box below with all of your answers.

Only one guess per patient is allowed.

Make sure to make your answers as detailed as you can in order to win!


Our holiday contest will end on December 31st, 2013 at 11:59pm. 


  1. 1. Ferrero Rocher
    2. Batman figure
    3. Cell Phone
    4. White Chocolate Mocha (starbucks)
    5. Vanilla with crumbled waflle pieces and caramel toppings
    6. Clue

  2. 1. Mars chocolate brand
    2. Hot Wheels toys
    3. An Apple product (iPhone?)
    4. Starbucks — Something caramel: frappuccino or macciato
    5. Chocolate with caramel and sprinkles
    6. Monopoly

  3. (1) dark chocolate (2) Spiderman (3) instrument (4) dark coffee (5) vanilla
    (6) Boardgame chest

  4. 1. Ghiradelli
    2. Legos
    3. iPad
    4. Latte
    5. strawberry with oreo crumbles
    6. Battleship

  5. 1.Hershey’s
    4.Caramel Latte
    5.Original Tart, Strawberries, Kiwi, and the little Juice-filled balls
    6.Mouse Trap

  6. 1. Hershey’s
    2. Micro machines
    3. iPad air
    4. Cappuccino
    5. Vanilla with almonds
    6. Travel pursuit

  7. Ghirardelli
    Hot Wheels
    Caramel Frappuccino
    Vanilla w/ Sprinkles

  8. 1. Hershey
    2. Basket ball
    3. I phone
    4.cuban coffee
    5.vanella with Oreo cookie chips
    6. Monopoly

  9. 1- Hershey’s
    2- Legos
    3- iPad
    4- mocha cappuccino
    5- vanilla with Reese’s peanut butter cup
    6- monopoly

  10. 1. Hershey’s
    2. Hot Wheels
    3. Apple Ipad
    4. Frappuccino
    5. Vanilla with Oreo cookie chips
    6. Monopoly

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