We asked you all to solve a christmas riddle to guess what was inside Dr. D’s bag and we’re so thankful for all your participation and effort. We had quite a few of you who guessed every answer right!! Since we could only choose one winner, we did a raffle between everyone who guessed correctly. Congratulations, Amaya M!!!!! Please contact our office to claim your prize.


Here are the correct answers:

“I come in all kinds of colors and can make your toes feel warm and fuzzy”

answer: socks

“Frosty the snowman loves to eat me for breakfast, he say’s I taste grrreatt!”

answer: frosted flakes

“I start off a powder but can quickly transform when added to hot water. I’m most popular during the cold winter months.”

answer: hot chocolate

“I make a loud noise when exposed to heat and as I get bigger I tend to weigh less”

answer: popcorn

a) “They say one of me a day keeps the doctor away”

answer: apple

b) “I will decorate your wrist but that’s just one of my many talents”

answer: watch



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