Mewing Change Jawline

Mewing is a technique by Dr. Mike Mew, which strives to improve the orientation of the face and jawline by modifying one’s resting tongue position. In simple terms, mewing is a corrective therapy that is designed to bring the tongue posture back to where it needs to be.

It involves resting your entire tongue on the roof of your mouth until it unconsciously does this every time your mouth is closed. At first, mewing may feel strange and uncomfortable. Fortunately, your tongue muscles will eventually get used to it and after a while, it’ll become much easier.

Mewing can lead to a variety of benefits. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy ones is a more defined jawline. You may be surprised to learn that mewing patients have reported a noticeable change to their midface, chin, and jawline in only 6 months. This is incredible when you consider that mewing doesn’t involve any medications or appliances.

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