What is Mewing? Will it Change My Face Shape?

An oral posture technique which is designed to improve the orientation of the face and jawline is known as mewing. Mewing can modify a patient’s resting tongue position and bring their tongue back where it needs be. It is part of orthotropics, which is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating the face instead of solely the teeth. It overlaps with a field called myofunctional therapy, which treats mouth and face disorders through holistic measures.

The mewing technique is quite simple. It involves resting your entire tongue on the roof of your mouth until it unconsciously becomes the resting position for your tongue every time you close your mouth. While it may seem a bit awkward at first, mewing can has the potential to rewire the entire resting position of your face.

There are a number of instances where mewing may be appropriate. Dr. Sanders may recommend mewing if your tongue rests on the floor of your mouth, you mainly breathe out of your mouth, and/or you have a poorly defined jawline and wish to improve your facial structure.

Mewing may also be a good option for you if you find it difficult to swallow while you breath, are facing sleep apnea, have a minor underbite, a narrow palate, or crowded teeth, and/or simply hope to correct your posture and increase your confidence.

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