Dr. Derek Sanders knows what it takes to shift and straighten your teeth. He might have already recommended a Lower Lingual Holding Arch as part of the treatment of your orthodontic needs; or, perhaps you’re doing research into the potential appliances that your teeth might require. If so, you’ve come to the right place — you’re in expert hands here at Orthodontics Only.

This particular appliance is used to maintain the space in your mouth. Many times, molars grow when there isn’t enough room to accommodate them. This causes the rest of the teeth in your mouth to shift forward and together, which means your smile won’t stay straight for long.

That’s where Dr. Sanders and the Lower Lingual Holding Arch come in. This simple contraption consists of two bands cemented in place to two lower molars. Attached to this sturdy base is a U-shaped bar. Much like a retaining wall used in construction, the Lower Lingual Holding Arch stops your molars from shifting forward. This simple addition will help the remaining teeth to spread out a little so that you can maintain your straight, even smile.

The Lower Lingual Holding Arch doesn’t pop in and out like a retainer that many people wear after their braces are removed. Perhaps this is a good thing, though, as you won’t have to remember to put it in on your own. With Dr. Sanders’ expert application, you’ll probably only feel slight discomfort after your arch is in place. Many patients relive any lingering pain with over-the-counter household pain relievers. You might also notice some saliva build-up at first, as well as a slight impediment when you talk. However, these side effects are extremely mild and subside shortly.

Like most orthodontic appliances, the Lower Lingual Holding Arch requires you to avoid some foods that might cause damage to its construction. The biggest culprit, of course, is sticky candy. Things like taffy, caramels, gum, and other sweet treats have the power to loosen the appliance. On the other hand, extremely hard foods like ice can break the arch altogether. As much fun as it is to visit Orthodontics Only, you probably don’t want to sit for a reinstallation of your Lower Lingual Holding Arch.

Otherwise, your only responsibility in maintaining this appliance is to brush it thoroughly and regularly. You don’t want any sugar or other cavity-causing residues hiding beneath the contraption, so be diligent. For any other questions or concerns, you can always check in with Dr. Sanders.

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