Orthodontics Only of Miami Attends the AAO!

Dr. Derek Sanders and the Orthodontics Only of Miami FL team went to the city of brotherly love in May for the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session.  The team flew from Miami FL to the northeast and the meeting was a tremendous opportunity to learn from lectures and exhibits showing the latest in technology and advancements in the field of orthodontics.  They were among over 16,000 attendees at the meeting and were immersed with updates on orthodontic research, technology and practice management.  An interesting trend that is seen in Miami FL and by other AAO orthodontists around the world, is the increase in percentage of adults who are seeking orthodontic care.  It seems that more adults are interested in braces as a result of the advancements in treatment options that fit an adult lifestyle and the affordability of care.  The overall number of adult patients has increased by 23% from 20 years ago, and today, adults make up more than one in five of all orthodontic patients.

“There have been tremendous advances and innovations in orthodontic treatment, and the technology orthodontists now use is game-changing,” said John F. Buzzatto, DMD, MDS and president of the American Association of Orthodontists. “There are many ways patients can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, and as highly-educated specialists who provide orthodontic care, orthodontists are able to evaluate and prescribe individualized treatment solutions to reach treatment goals.”



Before and After Photo of an Adult Patient that was Treated with Braces by Miami Orthodontist,
Dr. Derek Sanders

Trends in Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Another trend in orthodontic treatment, also seen in Miami FL, include general dentists offering treatment with braces.  Just like any other type of medical procedure that would require a specialists expertise, we always recommend seeing a dental specialist who has extensive training and is board certified.  In the field of orthodontics, there is a governing board called the American Board of Orthodontics and their website has an area where patients can verify if an orthodontist is board certified.


Correcting the Bite with Orthodontics

When the occlusion (way teeth come together during chewing and speaking) is not optimized, teeth can interfere with the path of the closure of the lower jaw and when this happens, stress can be placed on teeth creating a potential risk for future bite and jaw problems.  Not only are patients at risk of being uncomfortable when chewing and speaking, but they are also at increased risk of grinding their teeth during sleep or under stress.  The more a patient grinds their teeth, the greater the potential for enamel to be lost, which leads to excessive wear patterns and increased tooth sensitivity.  If tooth wear is severe enough, additional restorative dentistry may be needed to restore teeth back to their original size and shape.  Crowns, root canals and even dental implants may be avoided if teeth fit together in a physiologic manner.


Board Certified Orthodontist

It is never too late to achieve a healthy and attractive smile.  My advice for anyone considering orthodontic treatment is to consult a Board Certified Orthodontist to learn what treatment options are not only appropriate for your mouth, but also optimal for long-term predictable result.