Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions is a California-based dental imaging, and educational, software company. Since its conception in 1985, Dolphin has provided high-quality 2D and 3D imaging software, diagnostic software; and case presentation, patient education, and practice management software for dentists and the like, all across the world. Dolphin products are very compatible with many different brands of digital x-ray units and other medical machines, and fully integrate with many of the latest operating systems and computers. So much so in fact that in March of this year, Dolphin announced a three-way partnership with CEREC Omnicam and Ortho Software AND Invisalign to help patients who need orthodontic treatments in the digital age.

Through integration with Dolphin Imaging software, CEREC’s Ortho Software (Version 1.1) can store information obtained by a CEREC Omnicam scan that can be used later for diagnostics and to monitor a patient’s progress. Also, by combining these two technologies, a compatible file can be sent digitally to Align Technology, the company responsible for the production of Invisalign braces. It is the modern, streamlined approach to orthodontia, which used to rely on taking physical dental molds from a patient and sending them out of the office to be made into casts, which are then made into braces, prosthodontics, dental implants, and other restorative dental pieces. With this new technology, a huge, time-consuming step has been eliminated, and at no discomfort or inconvenience to the patient.

For those lucky patients in the Miami area needing orthodontic treatment or Invisalign, Dr. Derek Sanders of Orthodontics Only is not only the first in the city to have the CEREC Omnicam AND Ortho Software technology at his disposal, but one of the first in the world to be in possession of these advanced tools. A distinguished orthodontist, he has the honor of being named an Invisalign “Elite Provider” as well, giving him access to the latest and greatest in dental technology, like Dolphin 3D Imaging.

For more information on Dr. Derek Sanders, the CEREC Omnicam by Sirona, or any orthodontics questions, visit

Our friends at Gladwell Orthodontics have been working with some of the latest technology by CEREC as well. If you are looking for a super elite Raleigh Invisalign provider we suggest using Dr. Jason Gladwell and his team. We have a very strong relationship with this practice and use our knowledge and expertise together to help all of our patients.

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