Prophix is one of the latest advancements in dental technology, allowing users to watch a live video feed of the inside of their mouth while they brush their teeth. Through the use of WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and an iPhone app, users can stream the feed to a mobile device in order to track their oral health. Photo albums can then be shared with their dentist.

According to Chicagoland dentist and inventor of Prophix, Dr. Craig Kohler, 17.5 percent of children and 27.4 percent of adults have untreated dental caries because they brush their teeth in the same areas while missing others. In addition, if caries aren’t found until a root canal or crown is required, the high cost deters patients from treatment.

For 20 years, Kohler has been using photo and video in his dental office. He noticed that these traditional dental tools were thousands of dollars and unaccessible for his patients and decided to create Prophix as a result. Fortunately, he was able to cut the price of Prophix and offer it to consumers for only $399.

Although Prophix features similar attachments that are commonly found at the dentist’s office, the revolutionary brush is not a replacement for regular visits to the dentist. Kohler hopes that the product gives dentists the time to perform specialized treatments for their patients such as cleaning under the gum tissue.

Self-funded by Kohler, Prophix is currently available for pre-order for $299 and will ship to consumers in early 2017. Kohler plans to use e-commerce platforms and social media advertising to distribute the product so that he can use the profits from early orders to fund the Prophix Android app. As our Durham dental friends up in North Carolina always say, “brushing is step 1 to having a healthy smile.

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