It’s a stereotype in the United States that has stood the test of time, thanks to popular culture: everyone seems to think that the British have unhealthy and unsightly teeth, especially compared to Americans’ mouths. A study published in the British Medical Journal set out to set the record straight by examining just how straight — and healthy — teeth were in each place.

Their findings may stun those who have watched moves like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, in which the title English character was known for his scattered, extra-large chompers. It turns out that Americans’ dental health is in no way better than their British counterparts; in fact, the study revealed that some British people have better oral health than those in the states.

Researchers compared data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, collected between 2005 and 2008, to data from the Adult Dental Health Survey, collected in 2009 in England. Each survey represented thousands of men and women from both sides of the pond, aged 25 and older. The averages showed that more men and women in the United States had missing teeth than their British counterparts: Americans had an average of 7.31, while Brits came in wiht 6.97.

One interesting finding compared the access to dental healthcare in the States, versus dental healthcare in the UK. The majority of residents of the UK have dental coverage, while many Americans remain uncovered. This may explain why the numbers are higher in the United States.

Clearly, this study has more depth than the initial silliness that it may seem to explore: attention to dental health has fallen by the wayside for many Americans. Perhaps it’s time to regain ground by investing in healthy, beautiful smiles again.

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