A rare genetic condition that is a result of the abnormal regulation of genes in a certain region of chromosome 11 is known as Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome or BWS. BWS can prompt a variety of problems including premature birth, abdominal malignancies, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, macroglossia or an unusually large tongue, and abdominal wall defects.

Each year, approximately 300 children are born with BWS. In most cases, family history does not play a role in this disease, making it unlikely for other children in the family to develop BWS. However, in some rare instances, BWS is hereditary and may be present in multiple family members.

BWS is typically diagnosed prenatally through particular features such as macroglossia, abdominal wall defects, or hemihypertrophy, which is a condition in which one side of the body grows significantly quicker than the other. Since children with BWS are at a higher risk for developing certain cancers including pancreatoblastoma, Wilms’ tumor, and hepatoblastoma, they must be screened on a regular basis. Fortunately, most children and adults with BWS can live a normal life and do not suffer from serious health problems associated with the condition.

Dr. Derek Sanders is a Member of the Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Cranofacial Center Team

The Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Cranofacial Center is one of the only organizations in the nation with extensive experience and interest evaluating and caring for children with BWS. Dr. Derek Sanders of Orthodontics Only is pleased to be a member of the Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Cranofacial Center. Dr. Sanders is among a small group of orthodontists with a passion for assisting children with craniofacial disorders. He specializes in dentoskeletal abnormalities that are caused by macroglossia, a common symptom in children with BWS.

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