Shawn Mendes Concert Tickets Giveaway!

Don’t miss this chance to enter our Raffle!

    We’ve got a real treat for all our Braces and Invisalign Patients! This month at Orthodontics Only, we will be raffling away 4 tickets to see Shawn Mendes in Concert at the American Airlines Arena! The best part about this contest is that there are multiple ways you can enter. You can choose to do some or participate in all entry options to higher your chances at winning!

Shawn Mendes has been a popular trending artist maintaining his spot on the top of the charts and you won’t want to miss this opportunity!! With 4 tickets as the prize, you can share an awesome evening with friends or family while jamming to his smooth musical talents.


1 Ticket = Leave us a review on Google

1 Ticket = Leave us a review on Yelp

1 Ticket = Take a pic with Shawn, post on Instagram and tag us!

1 Ticket = Take a pic with Shawn, post on Facebook and tag us!


2 Tickets = Comment your favorite Shawn Mendes song at the comment section of our blog! 

Remember, the more entries you participate in, the better chances you will have at winning! Also remember, to participate in the Bonus Entry, all you have to do is go to the bottom of this blog page, and write your Name & Favorite Shawn Mendes Song in the comment box below.

May the odds be in your favor!





  1. This is Jessica Lanyon and my favorite Shawn Mendes song is Like to Be You! I listen to him every day 🙂

  2. I am Isabella Sanchez-Baratto and my favorite Shawn Mendes song is When You’re Ready.

  3. My favorite Shawn Mendes song is Life of the party I listen to that song every day in the morning when I wake up and I’m getting dressed to go to school I’m listening to the song when I get in the car from school I’m listening to the song when I get home from school I’m doing homework I listen to the song I am obsessed with that song. It is the best song that Shawn Mendes could’ve ever been created

  4. My favorite song from Shawn Mendes is No Promises! He’s one of the only singers I listen to!

  5. I have so many i can’t count. But i live Where were you in the morning!! i left reviews one google and Yelp. Hope i win!!?

  6. My favorite shawn Mendes song is “In my blood” love it and all his others as well 🙂

  7. i am Julia Tavares and my favorite Shawn Mendes song is In my Blood and i would really like to win the tickets to his concert !!!!!!

  8. Hi my Nubia and my all of Shawn Mendes songs are my favorite and when i heard that we had a chance to win tickets to the his concert i just knew i had to sign up ,I really hope i win

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