At Orthodontics Only, we are collecting post Halloween Candy and giving patients $1 per pound of candy. We invite all patients, friends and families from the local community (Miami, Florida) to donate and receive money for their unused candy. We are working with Operation Gratitude which is a company that sends care packages to troops overseas. You can find more on Operation Gratitude here. All of the candy is given to Operation Gratitude and they distribute it to different platoons. You can find our listing on the Halloween Buyback website here.


Below is an excerpt from the Halloween Buyback About Page:

The Halloween Candy Buy Back (HCBB) program was started with the goal of getting some of the candy “off the streets.” In 2005, I held my first HCBB. The next year, I went to my colleagues and asked if they’d be interested in supporting this endeavor by simply paying $1 for every pound of candy a child brought into their respective offices followed by sending the goodies to the troops overseas. The local responses were fabulous and in the following years – the national response overwhelmed me as well! Hundreds of local news stories led to the event getting featured by Diane Sawyer on ABC News. and most recently on CNN.

I have really enjoyed watching this event grow and realizing all it has done for children, dental practices, and the troops overseas who are serving in harm’s way. In addition to all of the good we are doing, we are also having lots of fun! We have partnered with Operation Gratitude by shipping all the candy donated along with toothbrushes so troops abroad can receive goodies in their Operation Gratitude care packages. Yes! Dental offices nationwide pay the kids for the candy and in return the dentists mail off the collection to Operation Gratitude and they sort all the goodies, pack the boxes and ship those boxes to our troops abroad serving the country. More than 130 tons of candy has been collected, over the years, by collaborating with dental offices nationwide and working with Operation Gratitude. December 7, 2013; we were able to help Operation Gratitude celebrate shipping off the 1,000,000th package from Van Nuys, CA. Please check out the pictures and videos under the Media section to see the highlights from offices around the nation plus the 1,000,000th package celebration.

Thank you for your interest in the Halloween Candy Buyback program and your thoughtfulness in providing the candy to Operation Gratitude for the Holiday care packages. We invite you to “Like” us on Facebook to receive additional updates as soon as they are posted along with ideas to execute your Halloween Candy Buyback.

At Orthodontics Only we think this is a fantastic cause and we are honored to participate. We would love to see you stop buy and “donate” some of your Halloween Candy and get some money for it. The troops will be grateful as they enjoy receiving any type of care package. Remember that these military men and women did not get to spend Halloween with their children, nieces or nephews so the least we can do is give them some candy to enjoy.

If you would like to know more about the Halloween Candy Buyback program do not hesitate to contact us at 305-598-3384. We hope you had a safe and enjoyable Halloween. We look forward to a great holiday shopping season in Miami, Florida.