In April 2016, Intel launched a reality TV show on TBS called “America’s Greatest Makers.” The show involved a competition where 24 teams of inventors competed for $1 million. In order to qualify for the competition, all inventions had to incorporate Intel’s button sized Curie module. The Curie module was engineered to power the wave of connected objects.

After seven weeks, there were only five teams left. Grush, a team of three inventors that created a smart toothbrush won the competition. The smart toothbrush is paired with a mobile game that assists children in thoroughly brushing their teeth. One of the main panelists and Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich explained that Grush’s smart toothbrush is the type of product that would be ideal for Intel’s futuristic CES booth.

While Grush’s smart toothbrush is impressive, the idea isn’t completely novel. Smart utensils such as the vibrating fork and Oral-B’s Bluetooth toothbrushes have been on the market for years. However, Grush’s product stands out because of who it’s designed for. Through built-in sensors, the brush can inform children how they are holding their toothbrush and what areas of the mouth they are missing.

With the support of the on-board Bluetooth radio on the Curie module, the brush can send data to an app, which can then transform tooth brushing into a game. A child will not “win” the game until every single tough-to-reach area of his or her mouth has been brushed.

The smart toothbrush was designed by inventor Yongjign Wang who has a PHD in Physics, futurist, Ethan Shur, and pediatric dentist, Anubha Sacheti. Wang, Shur, and Sacheti are all parents that noticed that their children and others have bad teeth because they fail to develop healthy oral hygiene habits early on.

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