Like all sources of information (and particularly those on the web) you have to treat Wikipedia with a healthy dose of skepticism.  A good Wikipedia entry will have links to external reference sites which you can (and should) use to verify what it says is true.  Depending on the importance (to you) of the information you need you could use the number of references as a rough guide to the accuracy.


If you need reliable information, Wikipedia may not be the best choice, but it can still provide useful links as references.


  • It has a wide verity of information.
  • It’s easy to find it.
  • It’s free.


  • Since anyone can edit it, it has a risk of containing false or misleading information.
  • No one is responsible for keeping the data updated and accurate

What’s Not Covered?

Wikipedia merely skims the surface of the topic of Invisalign Treatment.

Although there are several advantages to using Wikipedia as a research source, it’s not sufficient – especially when it comes to your health and medical advice.   Because orthodontics and technology in this area is constantly changing, you want not only the most accurate information but a specialist available to answer your most pressing questions like:

  • What patients need to know about Invisalign Treatment?
  • Invisalign treatment with a Dentist or an Orthodontist?
  • Does the doctor have to be certified to provide Invisalign treatment?
  • How long will I have to wear Invisalign?
  • What types of bites can be corrected with Invisalign?

Where to get reliable information?

Miami Orthodontist Dr. Derek Sanders is Certified Premier Preferred Invisalign Provider and Invisalign Teen Provider.  He has treated hundreds of Miami Invisalign cases with excellent results.  He posts a new orthodontic case each month in his orthodontic before and after photo gallery.

Throughout the years, Miami Orthodontist Dr. Derek Sanders has established a strong reputation within the community for providing clinical excellence in all aspects of orthodontic treatment and he genuinely treats each of his patients as if they were his own family.  Dr. Sanders has a very simple goal: to provide all patients with the highest standard of treatment, in a friendly, caring and safe environment.