Cavities are a common dental issue for individuals of all ages. Here at Orthodontics Only, we are pleased to announce the possibility of a probiotic pill that may one day be used to prevent cavities. According to scientists at the University of Florida, the probiotic pill would work by regulating pH levels in the mouth.

Scientists discovered a type of bacteria that breaks down substances in the mouth and is capable of controlling the function of other bacteria that triggers cavities, which would help avoid them. Teeth bacteria molds together to form plaque which creates acids that deteriorate the teeth. Therefore, it is imperative that the pH level or acidity in the mouth stays neutral. If the pH level increases, the risk of cavities and other various conditions rises.

Previous scientific research proved that the urea and arginine, two compounds in the mouth, are broken down into ammonia, which works to neutralize acids in the mouth. Individuals who are superior at breaking down both urea and arginine experience far fewer cavities.

Study by Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology

In a new study by the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, scientists used plaque samples to isolate over 2,000 bacteria and investigate them all to find those that are referred to A12 and metabolize arginine. Dr. Marcelle Nascimento, a professor of restorative dental sciences at the University of Florida explained that if it becomes possible to confirm that individuals who carry this healthy type of bacteria develop less cavities compared to those who do not have it, this could be a factor to measure cavity risk.

Researchers state that the potential for a form of treatment that prevents cavity formation by interacting with bacteria in the mouth is likely to arise down the road. A probiotic formula comprised of natural beneficial human bacteria from individuals who have a high likelihood to break down arginine would be a great addition to the dental world.

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