Orthodontics Only is so excited to finally announce the biggest secret we’ve been keeping for too long. We have a new home!!

Your new Orthodontic office is going to boast a state-of-the art modern design promoting all self-sufficient green energy to take care of our planet, the healthiest hospital-grade standards for our patients, and ensures a spacious area to make your experience that much more comfortable. Enjoy our first floor parking which allows spaces outside and under the garage. Then you can take our elevator upstairs to your new orthodontic world awaiting your arrival!

Just got out of school? We have a homework bar where you can focus on your assignments before going over to the kids room to play video games. Sit back and relax in our spacious waiting area while enjoying some televised entertainment. You’ll even have front row view to our famous prize wheel that will now be located in the lobby.

Yes, you heard that right! We’ve gone eco-friendly! We are proud to announce that we’ve gone completely paperless. We’ve embraced the digital era in order to help preserve our natural landscapes. We’ve also installed an entire solar power roofing system that will power our entire office offering the cleanest type of energy. We are in pursuit of becoming Miami’s most eco-conscious orthodontic practice.

And we’re just warming up! There is so much about your new office that we absolutely love! Every decision made was with YOU in mind first. Our patients means the world to us and this is entirely for you all. We are so ecstatic and can not wait to introduce you to this new chapter for Orthodontics Only.