We wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our January iPad2 contest!  All of our patients must know us well since we had 5 correct answers!!!  While we would love to give away 5 iPad’s, we are limited to only 1 iPad per month.  After an intense drawing with all of out team present, we had 1 lucky winner……drum roll please……and the lucky winner of January’s iPad2 contest is……….Johnny Rosales!!!!!!

Please scroll down for all the correct answers!

To enter this months iPad2 contest please click here!



The correct answers for the contest were:

Baby A- Diane

Baby B- Nicole

Baby C- Juana

Baby D- Monse

Baby E- Lulu

Baby F- Carmen

Baby G- Ceci

Baby H- Dr. D

Baby I- Nikki

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  1. Wow!!! Please pinch me – dale – pinch me!!!!! Am I dreaming??? If I am – please do not wake me up!!! Wow…..now I will need to learn how to operate it! Anyone willing to show me – no seriously. I am not too savvy….. but happy. Thank you!

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