It is time to announce what was inside Santa’s bag! Please scroll down to view all the items in the bag and our lucky winner.

1. Dr. D’s Favorite Gadget:

iPad 2 16gb white

2. Dr. D’s Favorite Candy Bar:

Snickers Fun Size

3. Dr. D’s Favorite Magazine:

Mens Health Magazine December 2011 Issue

4. Dr. D’s favorite drink:

Smartwater 33.3 oz

5. Dr. D’s Favorite Gift Card:

$25 American Express Gift Card

6. Dr. D’s Favorite Movie Theatre:

Two tickets to Regal Cinemas

And Our Lucky Winner was….

Congratulations Denise! You were our lucky iPad winner for December. Denise guessed 5 out of 6 correct answers. Please stop by the office to claim your prize!

To all other contestants: Please do not give up or get discouraged if you do not win! We will be having our iPad contest every month. Keep trying and don’t give up!

To enter this month’s iPad contest click here:

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