Candy Buy Back 2014Heads up, ghosts and ghouls: a popular program returns to an old familiar haunt again this year, and we know you’re dying to participate.

That’s right! It’s time for our annual candy buy back and we want you to bring us those scary Sugar Daddies, terrible taffies, creepy caramels, gruesome gummies and other spine-chilling sweets that can damage your orthodontic appliances and set back your treatment.

Our patients exorcised 196 pounds of treats from their Halloween candy cauldrons last year, and we look forward to being bewitched, bewildered and bemused by your supernatural generosity once again this year.

We began hosting the candy buy back program in 2011 because we noticed that our graveyard of broken brackets and bent arch wires has a tendency to get a little crowded this time of year. Crunching on hard candies and chewing on sticky, gummy treats can wreak havoc on orthodontic appliances. So save us the extra work of constructing more tombstones for these trick-or-treating casualties and donate those wicked treats to us. We will send them to Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends more than 150,000 care packages filled with snacks and other items to new military recruits, veterans, first responders, wounded warriors, caregivers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed

Not All Treats Are Off Limits
Although you can donate any kind of candy you wish, keep in mind that not all Halloween treats are off limits if you’re in orthodontic treatment. Soft chocolate bars, candy-coated chocolates, and homemade treats such as cookies, cakes and brownies that you may find at Halloween parties are safe for braces.

Just remember to brush your teeth after indulging in your Halloween treats so you can help avoid those frightening cavities. If you don’t have toothpaste and a toothbrush handy, rinsing your mouth with water is a good alternative.

Get Involved
Seeing how our entire Orthodontics Only family gets involved in the buy back is just one reason we love hosting this program each year. It’s also rewarding to see how businesses and civic organizations get involved in our buy back.

photo-46In previous years, we’ve had local businesses donate to the cause because they wanted to support Operation Gratitude. We even had a Girl Scouts Troop donate candy one year as they worked toward achieving a specific merit badge. We will accept candy from anyone, regardless of whether they are patients!

For those who wish to take part in our candy buy back, remember to bring us your unopened candy between Nov. 2 and Nov. 5. We will give you $1 for every pound of candy you donate.

We look forward to seeing your generosity in action once again this year!