A lot has changed since today’s adults were yesterday’s kids. For one thing, shiny metal braces adorned only the mouths of young people, straightening teeth and causing a bit of self-consciousness in teens already experiencing a growing pain or two.

The image of a kid with braces is so engrained on our minds that we might wonder whether it’s worth it for an adult to undergo the same straightening treatment. It’s true that dentists and orthodontists have more treatment options when it comes to teeth straightening, which means that grown-ups don’t necessarily have to have a metal bracket system installed. Despite advances in technology, potential patients might wonder if it’s even worth it to try a treatment on an adult that’s typically reserved for young people.

It turns out that braces can be just as effective in a mature mouth as they are in a youthful one, with a few caveats. If your teeth are simply crowded or otherwise unevenly spaced, there’s no need to worry: braces will likely work for you no matter your age. If your jaw alignment is to blame for your issues, though, you might be out of luck. That’s because your jaw is still maleable as a teen, which allows orthodontists to fix situations where, say, your upper teeth stick out over your lower teeth. Once you’re an adult, your bone structure is set in place and cannot be fixed with orthodontics.

Teens also have less cases of periodontal and gum disease. If you suffer from either of these diseases as an adult, you will not be able to have a set of braces installed. By doing so in the presence of gum disease, you would be setting yourself up for further aggravation of the situation, including tooth loss, bone loss, and soft tissue loss. Often times, these symptoms can be cleared up with dental treatments. Work with your dentist or orthodontist to do so.

The bottom line is that there’s no age limit when it comes to getting a straight smile, and, for many adults, the cost is worth the benefits that come with the process. Not only will you likely feel a boost of confidence, you’ll also find it’s easier to keep your teeth clean, which lends itself to improved overall health; you might even notice that it’s more comfortable to chew and eat. No matter what sparks your interest in adult braces, though, talk to your orthodontist to make the best decision for you. Contact Miami Orthodontist Derek Sanders for more information on adult braces.

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