Guess What’s in Sander’s Bag For A Chance to Win What’s Inside!


This Holiday Season we are spreading our joy with all of our wonderful Braces and Invisalign patients. Dr. Sanders has arranged a very special Gift Bag for one lucky patient to take home! Sander’s Bag contains 5 secret items inside that are sure to keep a smile on your face! All you have to do is guess 5 of Dr. Sanders “favorites” in the comment section below. Please include Patients Name and 1 guess per item in order. The patient who comes closest to all the correct answers will take home this awesome bundle. If multiple contestants are tied for first place, their names will be entered into a raffle and one winner will be picked at random.


Guess the items below:

  1. Dr. Sander’s Favorite Christmas Movie
  2. Dr. Sander’s Favorite Board Game
  3. Dr. Sander’s Favorite Christmas Snack
  4. Dr. Sander’s Favorite Sport
  5. Dr. Sander’s Favorite Handheld Electronic


Please submit your entries at the bottom of this page in the comment box. As a reminder, please include: 1) Patients Name & 2) 1 guess per Dr. Sander’s “Favorites” items in order.

Goodluck to all participants! We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with endless smiles and happiness.



The concept for the contest is to guess an item for each of the 5 categories listed. For example, in your entry for ‘Dr. Sander’s Favorite Christmas Movie’ you can enter: Polar Express, or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, or Home Alone, etc.

(Please be informed those options are just examples. The movie guess can be any other christmas movie, even those not aforementioned).

There are 5 secret items in Sander’s bag. All you have to do is guess which movie is Dr. Sander’s favorite; which Christmas snack, which board game, which handheld device and which sport is all his favorite.

An example entry would be:

[Enter Patient’s Name “Zoey Jones”]
1. Favorite Christmas Movie – A Christmas Carol
2. Favorite Board Game – LIFE
3. Favorite Christmas Snack – Candy Canes
4. Favorite Sport – Tennis
5. Favorite Handheld Electronic – iPod






  1. Anna Cova
    1- Christmas Snack
    2- Christmas Movie
    3- Board Game
    4- Handheld Electronic
    5- Sport

  2. Great responses! May you please provide the patient’s name for the entry?

  3. Alina Martell
    1. The Grinch
    2. Sorry
    3. Cookies
    4. Baseball
    5. iPhone
    Happy Holidays

  4. Alexandra Martell
    1. Elf
    2. Monopoly
    3. Candy canes
    4. Football
    5. iPad

  5. Christmas movie – elf
    Board game- sorry
    Christmas snack- candy canes
    Sport- baseball
    Handheld electronic-iPad

  6. movie-elf
    2. Board game- sorry
    3. Christmas snack- s’mores basketball
    5. Handheld electronic- iPhone

  7. Christmas movie: elf
    Board game:monopoly
    Christmas snack:hot chocolate
    Sport: hockey
    Handheld. Electronic: iPad

  8. Emely Ramirez
    1. Favorite Christmas Movie – Elf
    2. Favorite Board Game – Checkers
    3. Favorite Christmas Snack – Cookie
    4. Favorite Sport – Marshall art
    5. Favorite Handheld Electronic – iPad

  9. Patient: Jocelyn Cardenas
    1:Christmas Movie – The Santa Claus (Tim Allen)
    2:Board Game – Monopoly
    3: Christmas Snack – Candy Cane
    4: Sport – Football
    5: Handheld Electronic – iPhone

  10. Patient : Daniella Vargas
    Christmas movie : Elf
    Board game : Life
    Christmas snack : S’mores
    Sport : Basketball
    Handheld electronic : IPhone

  11. Dreily Fernandez
    1. Favorite Christmas movie- Santa Clause the movie
    2. Favorite board game – Yahtzee
    3. Christmas snack- chocolate covered pretzels
    4. Sport-lacrosse
    5.handheld electric- iPad

  12. Patient: Diris Michelle Mata
    1. Christmas movie: A Christmas Story
    2. Board Game: Monopoly
    3. Christmas Snack: Bourbon Balls
    4. Sport: Hockey
    5. Handheld electronic: iPad

    1. Movie: A Christmas Story
    2. Game: Monopoly
    3. Snack: gingerbread cookies
    4. Sports: football
    5. Handheld: iPhone

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