An imperfect smile is a sensitive subject for those who have one. Perhaps you try and shield your teeth when you smile, or you keep your lips closed completely. Either way, it’s a shame to have to hold back your happiness because you’re not confident in the look of your smile.

Many residents of Coral Terrace, Florida, have turned to Dr. Derek Sanders to help them in such a situation. Dr. Sanders has a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, which he has certainly put to good use at Orthodontics Only. His patients range in age from children, to pre-teenagers, to adults, all of whom search for straighter smiles and all of the confidence that comes with them.

Dr. Sanders has a range of specialties when it comes to orthodontics. Of course, he outfits his patients with traditional metal braces. However, the process of applying them has changed — they’re 30 percent smaller than metal braces of the past, which means that patients feel more comfortable throughout the teeth-straightening process. Dr. Sanders can attest to the quality of braces that he uses, too, since he went to the manufacturing facility in Southern California to ensure that they matched his high standards.

Teenagers and adults might seek out more inconspicuous options when it comes to their orthodontics. Again, Dr. Sanders has mastered many applications that are less visible than their metallic counterparts. One such option is clear or ceramic braces, which go on in the same way as metal braces. The only difference is that they’re made of a clear material called Sapphire. They’re a great option for adults and teens because they require more careful cleaning, but it’s worth it for patients who don’t want braces to be the most prominent feature of their faces.

Finally, Dr. Sanders is an expert in Invisalign. As the name suggests, Invisalign invisibly straightens teeth without brackets, wires or any of the other hardware that others can see immediately. Instead, it relies on clear plastic aligners that you wear for the majority of the day in order to slowly shift teeth into their proper positions. This is the most aesthetically appealing option, as the aligners go almost unnoticed to the naked eye.

No matter what type of braces you want, Dr. Sanders is here to provide advice as to which option is best for your teeth. You can rest assured that an orthodontist who is committed to excellence is at the helm of your treatment, and you’ll be walking away with a smile that you will look forward to showing off confidently.