Broward County is home to millions of people, so it’s safe to assume that many of its residents dream of a more perfect smile. To make that dream a reality, many Broward County residents have turned to Dr. Derek Sanders for orthodontics treatments.

At Orthodontics Only, Dr. Derek Sanders treats patients from Broward County and beyond, applying the right type of braces to match their needs and goals. His youngest patients come in at the age of 7 for an initial orthodontic screening, just in case the eruption of molars causes a need for immediate care. If not, he sees them later on, along with any pre-teens, teenagers, or adults who come to him seeking care.

Each patient’s case is different, which is why Dr. Sanders specializes in so many different types of orthodontic applications. Of course, he outfits his patients with traditional metal braces, which have remained a popular treatment because they work so effectively. Now, they’re smaller and more comfortable for patients to wear, too, which makes them more appealing as a treatment option. Furthermore, Dr. Sanders can attest to the quality of the materials he uses because he visited the manufacturing center himself to make sure they were up to his high standards.

On the other hand, many patients seek an orthodontic treatment that’s a little bit less visible than traditional metal braces. Dr. Sanders has two options for patients who want to go this route. Clear or ceramic braces look much like metal ones, but they’re made from a clear material called Sapphire. They require more surface area than metal in order to adhere to teeth, but they’re more aesthetically pleasing. Because they’re bigger, wearers need to be more diligent about cleaning them in order to keep them clear. That’s why it’s a treatment more likely to be applied to teens and adults, rather than young children.

Finally, there is Invisalign, which is the cream of the crop when it comes to invisible orthodontic treatments. Wearers receive a customized set of clear plastic aligners, which they switch out every few weeks as teeth start to shift into place. They don’t require any sort of permanent or visible hardware, just diligent wear for the majority of each day. Again, adults and teens love this option for its ease of wear and inconspicuousness — perhaps it’s the right treatment for you.

Of course, you won’t know until you come see Dr. Derek Sanders and the rest of the team at Orthodontics Only. They’re waiting to give you and the rest of Broward County the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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