It used to be that we relied on our phones for communication. Up until very recently, the apps available to us on smartphones existed primarily to put us in touch with other people in a variety of ways. Nowadays, we are able to rely on technology not just for communication, but for help with everyday tasks, including those involving our general health. The most recent development when it comes to oral health is the bluetooth-enabled toothbrush, which hits the market this month and works in conjunction with an app on your phone to help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape. But how do these brushes work? What are the different options out there for bluetooth toothbrushes? And is this technology really worth the cost?


First, let’s talk about how these brushes work. For those people who have been using electric toothbrushes, these won’t look or feel much different. All of the models on the market are rechargeable and have replaceable heads. The difference is, of course, the technology inside. Once these brushes are synced with an app on your mobile device, they really come to life as they track the pressure and time of your brush. According to, the average time a person should be brushing is two to three minutes, at least twice a day, but most people only brush about half of that time. These brushes and their accompanying apps can help you track your progress as you work your way to the top of your oral health game. Some of these apps, like the one from Oral-B, even provide brushing distractions in the form of news headlines or fun oral health facts.

Speaking of Oral-B, they are leading the way in the bluetooth toothbrush game. Their model, the SmartSeries, has been the brush with the most buzz (no pun intended). At $160, the price is almost quadruple other Oral-B electric toothbrushes. Kolibree is another wireless variety out of France, and is slightly less expensive at $129 and is designed with families in mind. The Beam Brush is a mere $29, but is smaller, has a sonic motor, and requires a monthly replacement brush head subscription. All have their own app to track (and even “reward”) brushing progress.

So, is this new technology worth it? For many looking to make 2015 the year of excellent oral hygiene, the answer is probably yes. It’s like hiring a personal trainer for your teeth: it keeps you accountable for your actions, tracks your progress, and congratulates you on a job well done. If this sounds like the motivation you need to keep cavities at bay, a bluetooth-enabled toothbrush might be the answer to all of your current dental woes.

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