If you’re interested in getting the movie star, straight teeth smile you’ve always dreamed of without the time and hassle of metal braces, Invisalign is the ideal option. Invisalign straightens teeth in a shorter time frame than traditional braces and provides patients with countless benefits. Dr. Derek Sanders of Orthodontics Only is a top Invisalign specialist in Aventura, Florida.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign takes an innovative approach to straightening teeth. Dr. Derek Sanders will begin the Invisalign process by taking a 3D image of your mouth so that he could create custom fitting aligners. These plastic aligners will be placed over your teeth and gradually shift them into place based on the specific movements Dr. Sanders plans for you.

The computer generated images at Orthodontics Only will show you what your teeth will look like at each stage of the Invisalign process, right up until the treatment is over. You will not have to deal with the inconvenience of wearing metal brackets or any wire tightening. You’ll simply put on a new set aligners about every two weeks until your Invisalign treatment is complete. The end results are a healthy, attractive smile that will make you smile from ear to ear.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign can straighten your teeth in as little as six months as opposed to the traditional 3 to 5 years. The Invisalign plastic aligners are molded to fit your mouth and removable for optimal comfort. In addition to providing you with the chance to gain beautiful teeth in months rather than years, Invisalign is less noticeable than traditional braces. Its removable aligners also give you far less food restrictions and are easier to clean. Easier cleaning leads to less cavities and teeth and gum problems that are common with metal braces.

Contact Dr. Derek Sanders, the Invisalign Specialist in Aventura Florida
For a beautiful smile without committing to 3 to 5 years worth of awkward photos, metal in your mouth, and food stuck between your teeth, contact Orthodontics Only today. Dr. Derek Sanders will be there with you every step of the way to monitor your progress and make sure that you achieve the incredible results you’ve been longing for.